A Golden Opportunity: Managing the Risks of Service to Seniors

92 Pages / ISBN 189321012X


This book is only available as an eBook (PDF).

A Golden Opportunity addresses how the changing age distribution of the American public affects community-serving nonprofits and what steps they need to implement to manage inherent risk. The caregiver roles once played by family members are now assumed by paid and volunteer staff at service organizations. These staff members are often the first and sometimes the only ones to spot signs of trouble. Their interaction and willingness to help the elderly in their care may prevent injury and stop problems from escalating, but they should not be expected to face these newfound responsibilities alone. They need guidance to protect their charges, themselves and the organizations which they serve. A Golden Opportunity is designed to help service organizations prepare their paid and volunteer staff for their new risk management roles.

Those who have chosen to work with seniors need your support to handle the new responsibilities that come with the territory. The senior service recipients need service providers who are trained and prepared to handle the problems that accompany the aging process. Through this book, organizations can help make risk management a golden opportunity for both the organizations and the seniors who look to them for service.