What governance policies should our board be considering?


In addition to a review of mission, articles of incorporation and bylaws from time to time, the board should consider adopting, as a baseline, the following governance policies:

  • Conflict of Interest policy for board and staff
  • Compensation policy for chief staff officer and key senior staff, including independent contractors/consultants
  • Personnel policies for employees and volunteers
  • Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics
  • Board compensation/reimbursement policy
  • Travel expenditure policy for business travel by staff
  • Financial management policies, including financial controls and hiring/review of outside auditors, as applicable
  • Whistleblower protection policy
  • Document Destruction and Retention Policy
  • Gift Acceptance policy
  • Special attention to non-cash, unusual gifts such as art work, real estate and speculative securities or partnerships, and royalties
  • Fundraising policies
  • May include a corporate sponsorship policy
  • Review of contracts with independent paid fundraisers
  • Charitable Registration