The pace was excellent! I appreciated how Melanie referenced the slides but also added stories to help us remember the tips.

Such great information to share with our team as we serve vulnerable and marginalized adults in our community. Keeping everyone safe is essential.

This was by far one of the best trainings I have received. I took more notes than I ever do! The material was immediately applicable to my workplace.

“I love the RISK eNews. And I have a confession. In my new quarterly committee meetings, I’ve been taking sections of these to use for the ‘education’ moment we have each meeting. I don’t have to invent the wheel; you have done it for me in an easy-to-digest and share way. That right there pays for the cost of Affiliate Membership.”

I love that Melanie challenged us to approach tracking risks differently instead of the standard green, yellow, and red boxes. She was a great presenter!

“Just a quick note to say I enjoyed the webinar with Melanie on building support for risk management! I am fairly new to my position and have been learning like crazy. Thank you for offering this service.”

Thanks for writing practical guidance – again! I’ll forward this issue of the RISK eNews to Legal & HR colleagues.

As a first-time attendee, I was impressed with the number of other first-time attendees. Also, the selection of topics was plentiful!

I really enjoyed meeting so many Risk Champions going through similar experiences and the sharing and exchanging of lessons learned. It felt like we were all in it together!

An excellent opportunity to network with and learn from risk professionals in a collegial atmosphere.

The Risk Summit is an opportunity to hear from, learn from and share with your peers. You get an opportunity to be with individuals who understand your successes, challenges, and remaining questions when it comes to risk and compliance management. Please take the opportunity to attend the Risk Summit.

The Risk Summit was by far, the most informative conference I have been to in the last three years.

Risk management is an area that sits across multiple functions and levels of leadership. NRMC’s Risk Summit brings the right people to the table and fosters an invaluable environment for learning and networking. I recommend this to anyone involved in creating or maintaining or contributing to their organization’s strategy.

Dearta Fusaro, Independent Consultant

The Risk Summit is an absolutely fantastic event for networking and learning from others as we attempt to figure out how risk management fits into our organizations to make them better.

Ever been stuck on a tricky management issue? Ever needed ideas for untangling nonprofit messiness? Well, I have and I’ve been so grateful for Melanie Herman and the NRMC for their responsive, sage advice and resources on how to navigate murky waters. Thank you for being a beacon in the storm!

Jennifer Hutchins, Maine Association of Nonprofits

Thank you for a busy and educational day with the Risk Connect virtual conference. I look forward to putting into practice the many things I learned today.

As a first time attendee of the Risk Summit conference, I was a bit curious to see how the event would play out. This is a must-attend event, period. I had the pleasure of meeting countless industry veterans, rising-stars, and potential vendors that could add value to our existing business. The executive-level presentations and networking were excellent. I have never before attended a conference that truly was all about what I do on a day to day basis.

Cheyanne L. Spoto, Albany Housing Authority

It was our good fortune to have Melanie Herman in Kansas City recently for a workshop on risk management and crisis communications. Melanie brings a high degree of expertise and professionalism to this subject matter and I was impressed by her strong communication skills and enthusiasm for the topic. And as a bonus, she is a master at engaging and relating to an audience. Melanie’s presentation offered real value for the members of Kansas City’s nonprofit community!

Noreen Bridgham, Nonprofit Connect

We were so glad to have Melanie present a session on ‘Top 10 Risks Facing Non-Profits.’ The engaging and thought-provoking presentation gave our audience valuable information about crisis management, managing unhappy stakeholders, resolving conflicts on the board, preventing careless contracting, and more, while providing scenarios and practical strategies to prevent and address these risks. Ms. Herman’s session allowed coalition leaders access to her expertise and get their most pressing risk management questions answered.

Kinkini Banerjee, United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC)

Our state and local coalitions have been utilizing our Nonprofit Risk Management Center Affiliate Membership for resources from the webinar vault. The Risk eNews is also a fabulous resource, and a fountain of information to our staff as we build our own capacity to strengthen our network of coalitions.

Kinkini Banerjee, United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC)

The Nonprofit Risk Management Center has been an outstanding partner for us. They are attentive to our needs, and work hard to successfully meet our requests for information. Being an Affiliate member gave us access to so many time- and money-saving resources that it easily paid for itself! Nonprofit Risk Management Center is truly a valued partner of The Community Foundation of Elkhart County and we are continuously able to optimize staff time with the support given by their team.

Jodi Spataro, Community Foundation of Elkhart County

We are so grateful to the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, especially Erin Gloeckner, for her taking us in a novel direction in developing a series of ‘whiteboard wisdom’ video risk management resources for our nonprofit clients! We felt joined at the hip in this expedition and the result is that we have a wonderful online work product for the sector that we think will make a difference in the lives of those who serve and are served.

Peter Persuitti, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. - Nonprofit Practice

Your email communications, website, and staff have provided us with the support and guidance we need. With your help through the Affiliate Member program, we breezed through accreditation in less than two years, and our scores were above average in every single category.

Marie Miller, Providence Academy

I was searching for a basic discussion of related party transactions and conflicts of interest on the web because a colleague asked me about a knotty situation. Your article on this topic popped up and was perfect!–Concise, informative and exactly on point. Thank you for providing such useful commentaries to nonprofits.

Philippa M. Guthrie, Indiana University

The board and staff of the Prince George’s Child Resource Center are extremely pleased with the results of the risk assessment conducted by the Nonprofit Risk Management Center. A thorough scan revealed that while we are a well run organization, we had risks that we never imagined. We are grateful to know that we have now minimized our organizational risks and we recommend the Center to other nonprofits.

Marti Worshtil, Prince George's Child Resource Center

BBYO’s engagement of the Center to conduct a risk assessment was one of the most valuable processes undertaken over the past five years. Numerous programmatic and procedural changes were recommended and have since been implemented. Additionally, dozens (literally) of insurance coverage gaps were identified that would never have been without the work of the Center. This assessment led to a broker bidding process that resulted in BBYO’s selection of a new broker that we have been extremely satisfied with. I unconditionally recommend the Center for their consultative services.

Sidney Abrams, BBYO

Our decision to ask Nonprofit Risk Management Center to undertake a risk assessment for the Hinton Rural Life Center was one of the best decisions that we could have made. The consultation was very thorough and thoughtful. It was conducted in a professional and friendly style. The consultation helped our staff and board focus on several critical issues regarding our insurance coverage, personnel policies, and other risk factors. In addition, the Nonprofit Risk Management Center has continued to offer guidance and suggestions as we have tried to implement changes in our operations. This consultation was some of the best money we have ever spent. I would recommend it to any nonprofit organization, without reservation.

Clay Smith, Hinton Rural Life Center Inc.

Melanie Herman has provided expert, insightful, timely and well resourced information to our Executive Team and Board of Directors. Our corporation recently experienced massive growth through merger and the Board has been working to better integrate their expanded set of roles and responsibilities. Melanie presented at our Annual Board of Director’s Retreat and captured the interest of our Board members. As a result of her excellent presentation the Board has engaged in focused review which is having immediate effects on governance.

Pamela Mattel, Basics Promesa Systems Inc.

I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent work you do. I work with nonprofit anti-sexual assault coalitions and enjoy thinking about how your guidance applies to coalition/association practices. I especially like hearing about what books the Center staff members are reading and how you connect them to the work you do. In fact, I consistently read your RISK eNews emails and often put the books you mention on my wish list! Keep up the great work!

Tara Wolfe, Resource Sharing Project

My organization hired the Center to design and deliver a series of four webinars on sound employment practices for Executive Directors and other managers at centers for independent living. The webinars were excellent. Melanie Herman’s presentations were informative and thorough. She worked closely with our training team to address unique needs of our large national audience. The Webinars effectively addressed the range of employment issues for our large and varied audience, including effective hiring practices, staff supervision and evaluation, discipline and departure, and managing workplace risks. We highly recommend the Center for its training and materials.

Richard Petty, Independent Living Research Utilization

First let me congratulate you on a conference well done. I had a great time at the Nonprofit Employee Benefits Conference and walked away with some valuable tools and questions that we’ll need to be addressing in both the short and long term. Thanks to you and your staff for all you do to provide us with quality resources in support of our missions.

Scott Brown, Mohonk Preserve

The information and advice on your website has been extremely helpful and beneficial in my efforts to build the capacity of Volunteers of America’s Volunteer Services department. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Caroline Dunleavy, Volunteers of America of Greater New Orleans

Melanie, of all our trainers, you were a standout. I never expected risk management or HR classes to be engaging and fun. You put it all together, from the common sense fundamentals to the evidence-based best practices, so that it made perfect sense. I think that’s why I’ve retained it all so well.

Matt Smith, Out Youth

Melanie, I just wanted to let you know how much I value the great stuff you send out and the Center’s weekly eNews. I’ve seen in your trainings how well you know the research and how thoughtful you are. So when I see your name in my inbox, I know it will be worth reading. Thanks, and keep it coming!

Matt Smith, Detour Travel

The Risk Summit in Seattle was awesome from start to finish. I walked away with more than information and a sense of confidence that we each are able to chart our courses through sometimes very wild storms to improve ourselves and our organizations. Hilary Austen’s keynote (“Artistry Unleashed”) was the perfect kick-off for the conference because I found myself weaving that artistic thread through session after session not relying upon just the presenter’s words but weaving those words through my understanding/perspective into the fabric of our organization with our specific needs.

Susan Bowen, Lions VisionGift

Philadelphia Insurance Companies is as passionate about serving others as we are in providing secure and affordable insurance protection. The specialized services and expertise offered by the Center allow nonprofits to focus their limited resources on their mission. Organizations that utilize the Center and effectively manage risk will have greater success at delivering their mission to the people they help.

Sean S. Sweeney, Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Thank you for the great presentation at the InsideNGO Conference today. Your approach to not just present the issue but couple it with pointed questions made a big difference.

Karina Nersesyan, Creative Associates International

Melanie is an excellent facilitator who offers not just knowledge about legalities and risks, but also practical stories and examples.

Debra, Volunteer & Community Engagement, 4-H Ontario

Melanie Herman’s keynote address on the “Top 10 Legal Risks Facing Nonprofit Boards” should be attended by all board members. It covered more than just legal exposures and will help keep our board focused on key issues in the year ahead.

Eric Miller, Capitol City Medical Teams

I attended the Nonprofit Risk Management Center Summit for the first time in 2013 and did not know what to expect. I was very pleased with the Summit — I walked away with at least one action item from each presenter, had in-depth discussions with NRMC staff, made some great contacts, and had fun at the same time!

Kitty Holt, Plan International USA

Great American Insurance Group’s Specialty Human Services is committed to protecting those who improve your communities. The Center team has committed to delivering dynamic risk management solutions tailored to nonprofit organizations. These organizations have many and varied risk issues, hence the need for specialized coverage and expert knowledge for their protection. We’ve had Melanie speak on several occasions to employees and our agents. She is always on point and delivers such great value. Thank you for the terrific partnership and allowing our nonprofits to focus on their mission!

Great American Insurance Group's Specialty Human Services team