When Employees Are Out of Work: Disability Leave, Workers Compensation Leave and Family Leave Solving the Puzzle

It is a true challenge when an employee is out of work: how long is the nonprofit required to hold the position open? What benefits is the employee entitled to while on leave? Balancing practical staffing needs and legal obligations to employees on leave is critical to ensure that a nonprofit does not violate any number of state and federal employment laws.

Watch this Web Seminar if:

  • Your nonprofit’s existing policies do not clearly define the nonprofit’s obligation to maintain a position or reinstate an employee on leave
  • An employee at your nonprofit has been ‘out on leave’ for a long time and you are unsure whether termination is appropriate;
  • Your nonprofit is in the process of revising policies pertaining to leaves of absence or you are interested in learning about permissible reasons to grant an employee a leave of absence and procedures your nonprofit should employ to comply with state and federal leave laws.

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