The New 990: Friend or Foe? What You Need to Know to Prepare Your Organization and the Board for the Road Ahead

The IRS released the new Form 990 on December 20th, 2007. The new form will be required beginning in 2009. This Webinar will give your organization’s staff and board members a head start in preparing for the significant reporting changes required by the new IRS Form 990, and provide background on policy and procedural changes helpful in ensuring compliance with the new requirements. Watch this Webinar and you’ll also learn how to turn your organization’s annual financial reporting process into a significant risk management tool.

Watch this Webinar to:

  • Learn how to comply with the requirements on the new core form.
  • Evaluate your financial review and data gathering procedures against the information requested by the new form.
  • Become familiar with the new IRS reporting requirements on governance policies, program evaluation and board member activities/compensation.
  • Learn how to use the IRS Form 990 as a significant tool to protect the reputation of your nonprofit.

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