How can I convince my board that they should be involved in fundraising?

If your board doesn’t take its responsibility to fund raise seriously, then your organization is at risk. A board has a legal duty of “due care” that involves ensuring that there are enough resources for the organization now, and in the future. If you can’t get your board to accept the old adage, “give, get or get off,” perhaps it is time to bring an outside voice into the boardroom– a paid consultant or a respected board member from another community organization – who can encourage the board to step up to the plate.

  • There are affordable publications available from BoardSource that you can circulate at board meetings
  • There is a free newsletter called Blue Avocado, that has lots of articles in its archives on this topic. Signing up your board members to receive it electronically is a subtle way to educate them on their role to assist staff in identifying and providing sufficient resources for the organization, now and in the future.