What Youth-Serving Nonprofits Need To Know About Youth-On-Youth Abuse

By Rachel Sams and Melanie Lockwood Herman Youth-serving nonprofits invest a great deal of time and effort addressing the risk that an adult associated with their programs could harm children. Many youth-serving nonprofits may not have gone to the same lengths to address the risk that youth participants in their programs could harm other young … Continued

Youth Mental Health: Responsibilities and Opportunities for Nonprofits

By Rachel Sams This article contains information about how to identify and respond to signs of mental health issues and suicide risk in young people. Have you ever looked into the eyes of a young person your nonprofit serves and seen that they were hurting? What did you do? If it hasn’t happened yet, what … Continued

Key Principles in Youth Protection: Considerations and Action Steps

 NOTE: This article includes excerpts from Chapter 6 of the Nonprofit Risk Management Center’s book, EXPOSED: A Legal Field Guide for Nonprofit Executives-2nd Edition. The Center is deeply grateful to Mark E. Chopko for his valuable contributions to this article and EXPOSED. Nonprofit leaders often seek ‘best practices’ or standards for excellence for which to … Continued

Cyberbullying & Cyber Threats to Young People

By Lexie Williams In August of 2009, a nonprofit college preparatory day school in Los Angeles was sued for $100 million dollars by a student’s parents following a case of on-site cyberbullying. The incident occurred when nine students accessed another student’s personal website from school computers and left death threats. The lawsuit alleged negligence committed … Continued

Vital Partners in Youth Protection: Engaging Parents and Caregivers

By Emily Stumhofer You’ve seen it in the news or heard about it through the neighborhood gossip chain, but you hope you’ll never hear the same news again: an appalling allegation of child abuse is uncovered at a trusted nonprofit. Almost anyone would feel repulsed, devastated, or enraged at such news, but perhaps the news … Continued

Protecting Vulnerable Populations

Attend this webinar to learn about best practice strategies for protecting members of vulnerable populations from harm caused by criminal acts, negligence and accidents. In addition to exploring best practice” approaches learn about critical, evolving challenges facing leaders of nonprofits that serve vulnerable clients. If your nonprofit serves children, the elderly or persons with disabilities, you won’t … Continued

Managing the Risks of Deploying Youthful Volunteers

Did you know that two-thirds of adults who volunteer began volunteering when they were young? It is popular today for schools and court systems to require graduates and juvenile offenders to engage in community service. As a result, your nonprofit may be asked to accept youth volunteers who may not otherwise be part of your … Continued

Principles of Youth Protection

What are the conditions that allow children and youth to be abused by individuals working as employees and volunteers in nonprofit programs? What strategies are useful to nonprofits that want to lessen the opportunity for abuse by staff members? This Web Seminar introduces viewers to the Seven Principles of Child and Youth Protection. These principles … Continued

Responding to Allegations of Abuse

Nonprofits that serve vulnerable populations (including children, the elderly and persons with disabilities) work hard to deliver vital services without inadvertently causing harm. Yet in addition to working hard to prevent harm, every nonprofit that works with vulnerable clients should develop a plan of action in the event the unthinkable happens. This Webinar provides a … Continued

Kids Matter: Managing the Risk of Bullying

October 28, 2015 The Fall 2015 issue of the Center’s periodic newsletter, Risk Management Essentials, is now available. This edition focuses on child safety in nonprofit organizations, particularly youth-serving organizations. One of our talented summer interns, Lexie Williams, wrote the cover article on ‘Cyberbullying & Cyber Threats to Young People.’ This hot topic receives more … Continued

Child Pornography: Not Our Problem?

By John Patterson, Senior Program Director Recently, we learned of several youth-serving organizations that had employees or volunteers charged with Internet crimes against children. The most common crime was possession or distribution of child pornography. Most often the incriminating evidence was found on the personal computers of the individuals charged. Some cases had images of … Continued