What Nonprofits Need to Know About Conflict De-Escalation

By Rachel Sams Imagine you’re the director of client services at a nonprofit that serves unhoused people. You hold an open house to educate the public about your work and the challenges unhoused people face. A community member aggressively and repeatedly questions your executive director. She politely thanks the community member for his feedback and … Continued

How to Create and Iterate Firearms and Weapons Policies

By Melanie Lockwood Herman Safety at work is top-of-mind for employees across the diverse nonprofit sector. In some workplaces, employees feel comfortable sharing their concerns about the risk of workplace violence, mass shootings, terrorism, and other events that potentially put them in harm’s way. In other situations, employees keep their concerns to themselves. Strong views … Continued

Workplace Violence Prevention and Preparedness Strategies for Nonprofits

By Rachel Sams This article contains information about prevention and preparedness strategies for workplace violence, including physical assaults and mass shootings. When was the last time tempers got heated at your nonprofit? Did two or more employees clash? Did people receiving services argue with each other? Maybe someone receiving services disagreed with a team member. … Continued

What Youth-Serving Nonprofits Need To Know About Youth-On-Youth Abuse

By Rachel Sams and Melanie Lockwood Herman Youth-serving nonprofits invest a great deal of time and effort addressing the risk that an adult associated with their programs could harm children. Many youth-serving nonprofits may not have gone to the same lengths to address the risk that youth participants in their programs could harm other young … Continued


March 20, 2024


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“Workplace Violence Prevention, Preparedness and De-Escalation Techniques”

October 18, 2017


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“Understanding Erin’s Law & Sexual Violence Prevention in Minnesota Public Schools”