Destinations Unknown: How to Create Travel and Transport Policies That Balance Safety and Flexibility

By Melanie Lockwood Herman If you haven’t updated your travel and transportation policies lately, they may be out of sync with your current reality. This article explores a pragmatic approach to creating new or updated travel and transport policies that will help you get out in the community where your mission comes to life. Make … Continued

Transport Technology for Nonprofits: Maximize Benefit, Address Potential Harm

By Rachel Sams If your nonprofit transports the people you serve, it’s time to step up your knowledge of technology. The array of tools marketed to help organizations transport people safely and efficiently exploded in recent years. Options range from telematics to vehicle sensors, cameras, interactive dashboards, and autonomous technologies such as parking assistance. Advances … Continued

We’ll Get There Together: Risk and Reward in Nonprofit Transportation and Travel

By Rachel Sams I recently took my first post-COVID business trip for NRMC, from my home in Albuquerque to San Francisco. NRMC Executive Director Melanie Lockwood Herman and I both found that our airline tickets cost at least 30% more than we might have expected a few years ago. I chose to spend an extra … Continued

Travel Risk: How Your Nonprofit Can Safely Navigate the Return to Travel

As business travel slowly returns, make sure your nonprofit is ready. Learn the latest tips to evaluate the risks and benefits of travel and navigate health and security issues wherever your team is headed.


January 30, 2024

Charleston, SC

Head Start Health and Safety Institute

“Managing Facilities Risks Post-Pandemic,” “Promoting Child Welfare and Preventing Maltreatment,” and “Managing Transportation Risks”