Rewarding Risks: The Prodigious Power of Volunteers

By Christy Grano It’s National Volunteer Week, an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of volunteers and the indelible impact that volunteer service makes on communities across our country. In the promotional materials for National Volunteer Week, the Points of Light Foundation reminds us that: “Whether online, at the office, or the local food bank; whether with a vote, a … Continued

Managing UBIT (Unrelated Business Income Tax) Risk

Presenter:  Don Kramer, Counsel, and Chair of Montgomery McCracken’s Nonprofit practice group Diversifying an organization’s revenue sources is key to financial sustainability. A growing number of nonprofits are achieving this goal by starting income-producing ventures or product lines. But such efforts can expose a nonprofit to serious legal, as well as economic, risks. This webinar explores … Continued

Risk and Reward: Protecting Your Tax Exempt Status

This webinar will explore strategies for protecting your nonprofit’s tax-exempt status. Critical topics that will be covered include: the importance of key governance policies, making sure that your nonprofit generates the right” kind of revenue, managing joint ventures and other revenue-generating programs to minimize exemption and UBIT risks, and steering clear of “deal breakers,” including … Continued

The New 990: Friend or Foe? What You Need to Know to Prepare Your Organization and the Board for the Road Ahead

The IRS released the new Form 990 on December 20th, 2007. The new form will be required beginning in 2009. This Webinar will give your organization’s staff and board members a head start in preparing for the significant reporting changes required by the new IRS Form 990, and provide background on policy and procedural changes … Continued