Key Principles in Youth Protection: Considerations and Action Steps

 NOTE: This article includes excerpts from Chapter 6 of the Nonprofit Risk Management Center’s book, EXPOSED: A Legal Field Guide for Nonprofit Executives-2nd Edition. The Center is deeply grateful to Mark E. Chopko for his valuable contributions to this article and EXPOSED. Nonprofit leaders often seek ‘best practices’ or standards for excellence for which to … Continued

Cyberbullying & Cyber Threats to Young People

By Lexie Williams In August of 2009, a nonprofit college preparatory day school in Los Angeles was sued for $100 million dollars by a student’s parents following a case of on-site cyberbullying. The incident occurred when nine students accessed another student’s personal website from school computers and left death threats. The lawsuit alleged negligence committed … Continued

Vital Partners in Youth Protection: Engaging Parents and Caregivers

By Emily Stumhofer You’ve seen it in the news or heard about it through the neighborhood gossip chain, but you hope you’ll never hear the same news again: an appalling allegation of child abuse is uncovered at a trusted nonprofit. Almost anyone would feel repulsed, devastated, or enraged at such news, but perhaps the news … Continued

Abuse Coverage Isn’t as Elusive as a Needle in a Haystack, but It Will Cost You

By Melanie Lockwood Herman Hardening market conditions cause nonprofit risk managers to lose sleep and patience after receiving nonrenewal letters, notices of changes in the terms and conditions of coverage, and word from weary brokers and agents explaining that the same or less coverage purchased in the past may cost more than last year. The … Continued