Fundraising Risk: What to Consider Before Starting a Donor Relationship

Donor funds power many nonprofit organizations, but accepting donations always involves risk. From offending a donor due to recognition missteps to backlash from insiders and observers due to perceptions about donor intent, risks come in many forms. One thing that most fundraising risks have in common is that they can be anticipated and better understood. … Continued

Give Thanks & Fill Your Piggy Bank: Risk-Savvy Year-End Fundraising Appeals

By Erin Gloeckner Once again, it’s time to start dreaming of turkey, taters, and cranberry sauce. Soon Thanksgiving will be upon us, which also means it is time for year-end fundraising appeals–an opportunity to give thanks to donors and share a cornucopia of information about your nonprofit’s impact and plans for next year. We all … Continued

Reporting Success: What’s the Risk?

Savvy donors want to know more than how much of their dollars went to programs” versus “overhead” or “fundraising” expense: they want to know what progress your nonprofit is making to advance its ambitious mission. Failing to track and demonstrate impact puts your mission and sustainability at risk. Success in today’s nonprofit world is more than … Continued

Donors, Not Danger: Managing Fundraising Risk

Do you remember the days when raising money was fun? In today’s age of complex regulations, finicky social-media savvy donors, and unprecedented costs for old-fashioned direct mail and telemarketing, fundraising may be “fundamental” to mission fulfillment, but it’s far from fun and games. This webinar will explore some of the most common risks in nonprofit … Continued


June 16, 2020

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“Fundraising in an Economic Recession”