Just Touching Base: How Customer Service Can Serve Your Nonprofit

Risks associated with customer service may not be what come to mind when you’re analyzing the risks facing your nonprofit. However, since all nonprofits rely on their clients, donors and volunteers, effective interactions can make or break the success of your mission. Poor customer service can lead to a strike out that causes you to … Continued

Tending the Garden of Complaints: Transforming How You Approach Stakeholder Discontent

It’s only human to feel hurt when someone rejects you. The same is true for our nonprofits; a stakeholder’s complaint feels like a dagger to the heart. Attend this webinar to transform your perspective on complaints. Learn how to recognize the smart feedback that lies within a complaint, and regain the confidence of your stakeholders … Continued

May I Help You?

By Melanie Lockwood Herman Last week I was among the weary passengers on board a flight stranded at Chicago O’Hare Airport. After our delayed flight from sunny California landed around 8:30 pm, the pilot brought our plane to a ¥complete stop’ about 200 feet from the terminal. We remained parked there for 90 minutes due … Continued