NRMC’s 2023 in Review

By Rachel Sams  Nonprofits faced lots of opportunities and challenges in 2023, and NRMC helped them navigate that landscape of struggles and joys. More than thirty years after its founding, NRMC remains proud to empower and inspire effective risk management across the nonprofit sector. We’re here to help nonprofits embrace mission-advancing risks and build greater … Continued

Out of Focus: How Being Less Focused (and More Aware) Pays Off

By Glenn Mott Mindfulness, like it’s complement gratitude, has been much hyped—with good reason. Our underlying mindset and conditioning are nearly invisible to most of us; by itself, the conscious mind is insufficient to get at the deeper mindset. Nonjudgmental, present-moment awareness (aka mindfulness meditation) has been shown to change attitudes, emotional responses, and habitual … Continued