Operational Risk Management A Word from the Wise Guys

By Melanie Lockwood Herman Although a growing number of nonprofit leaders profess to be ready for Enterprise Risk Management, a far greater number admit that their operational risk management programs are far from adequate. What is operational risk management? The term refers to risk identification, risk assessment and risk management activity focused on day-to-day activities … Continued

Off With a Bang: Risk Resolutions

A new year brings the opportunity to start fresh in many areas of life. For many people, this means big plans and aspirations, and often, resolutions. For some suggested risk resolutions from the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, check out our infographic. According to historical accounts, the earliest recorded New Year’s celebration took place around 4,000 … Continued

May I Help You?

By Melanie Lockwood Herman Last week I was among the weary passengers on board a flight stranded at Chicago O’Hare Airport. After our delayed flight from sunny California landed around 8:30 pm, the pilot brought our plane to a ¥complete stop’ about 200 feet from the terminal. We remained parked there for 90 minutes due … Continued

Leaving With the Captain?

By George L. Head, PhD Special Advisor, the Nonprofit Risk Management Center A colleague recently asked me to contribute some ideas for her presentation to an audience interested in evacuating aged and disabled occupants from high-rise residential buildings. Born with cerebral palsy and never able to stand, I believe my experience as a disabled person … Continued

Defining Disability

Supreme Court Offers Additional Insight in Recent Cases by Barbara Raimondo, JD Three U.S. Supreme Court decisions narrow the definition of who is a qualified individual with a disability for purposes of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The rulings provide that if an individual is able to mitigate fully the effects of the disability, … Continued