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The series of 12 topics is ideal for in-service training, risk-management skills polishing and orienting staff, managers and board members to critical aspects of managing risk in nonprofit organizations.


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January 6 / 2 p.m.

House of Sand or Foundation of Stone: The Board of Directors/Trustees

The first webinar of 2010 will examine methods for evaluating and addressing governance risks. The program will examine a wide range of topics including the composition of the board and best practices for empowering the board to discharge its legal responsibilities.


February 3 / 2 p.m.

The Deep End: Nonprofit Finance and Audit Committees

During February we will continue our review of governing structures by using the risk management process to evaluate the roles and responsibilities of the finance committee and audit committee.


March 3 / 2 p.m.

Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policies

During the March webinar we will explore the role of ethics and conflicts of interest policies to strengthen the foundation of a nonprofit. What role do these policies serve and how should leaders go about developing practical policies that set the right tone for the nonprofit?


April 7 / 2 p.m.

Risk Management, Budgeting and Forecasting

Effective budgeting and forecasting are vital components of sound risk management. This webinar will offer a risk management approach to budgeting and forecasting, highlighting practical strategies to position both activities as assets to the overall risk management program.


May 5 / 2 p.m.

Back to the Future: Long Term Planning and Investment Strategies

The need to look into the future and how to approach that process will be explored in the May program in the Center's 2010 series of webinars. The program will examine long-term financial planning and investment strategies from a risk management perspective.


June 2 / 2 p.m.

Shred or Retain? A Closer Look at Records Destruction/Retention Policies

Nonprofit executives need practical advice to develop practical, defensible document destruction and retention policies. No leader wants to retain more than is necessary, but we all fear destroying something that might be needed to defend our organization. This webinar will explore the process for developing a practical and custom documents destruction and retention policy. The policy of another nonprofit may not work… don't risk it by "borrowing" a policy ill-suited to your nonprofit.


July 7 / 2 p.m.

House of Cards or House of Brick? Evaluating Organizational Structure

A nonprofit's mission requires a solid foundation on which to deliver services. Many nonprofits are at risk of not realizing their missions because the underlying structure of the organization isn't as solid as it needs to be. Or perhaps the sound policies of the nonprofit aren't being followed to a "t." This webinar will offer strategies for examining the risks you face that stem from things outsiders can't see. Learn how to diagnose risks and shore up the foundation of your nonprofit.


August 4 / 2 p.m.

Reputation Risk: What's in a Name

A nonprofit's reputation is a vital asset on which it depends. Yet that asset is at risk everyday and many leaders feel powerless to evaluate the degree to which reputation is at risk and respond capably when the "brand" is tarnished. Sources of brand risk include every stakeholder group near and dear to the heart of the nonprofit: volunteers, staff, donors, client/members, and more. This webinar will explore the process for managing reputation and offer practical tips on protecting the name and mission of your nonprofit safe.


September 1 / 2 p.m.

Back to School: Orientation, Education and Training

Nonprofit leaders who seek to integrate risk management into their operations often look far and wide for "best practices." Yet the fundamental activities of volunteer, staff and client orientation, in-service training are important components of your risk management strategy. Attend this webinar to explore the role of effective education in an overall risk management program.


October 6 / 2 p.m.

Got Resources? Risk and Reward in Resource Development

Fundraising and resource development are vital components of every nonprofit's operations and some leaders report that fundraising takes more time than ever. Risk may be the reason for this phenomenon. A growing array of risks arise when a nonprofit seeks support from individual and institutional donors, and the complexity of laws regulating fundraising activities frustrates even the most seasoned leader. This webinar will explore the risks associated with asking for and accepting the support your nonprofit needs to deliver its mission. The presenter will offer practice strategies for managing the risks you know about as well as those that are coming around the bend.


November 3 / 2 p.m.

Cyberspace Risk: What You Don't Know Could Hurt You

The nonprofit sector's reliance on the Internet and modern technology has grown beyond anything most leaders imagined was possible. In many cases modern technology has enabled small and midsized nonprofits to reach unreachable audiences with mission-related messages. But it's a dangerous world out there! Attend this webinar to find out what you don't know about cyberspace that could hurt your nonprofit and impair or disrupt your mission. Explore practical steps for risk identification and the design of effective strategies for managing the risks of your online presence.


December 1 / 2 p.m.

What Do the Numbers Say About Your Nonprofit?

The story of your nonprofit is told in various ways and formats. One of the ways is through your published financial statements and Form 990. While you may hope that stakeholders are focusing on your "vision statement" and the compelling descriptions of programs on your Web site, in reality their attention may be riveted to the story your numbers tell. Attend this webinar to learn how to manage the risks associated with telling your story in numbers and practical steps for ensuring that the story is both accurate and mission-advancing.



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Thank you! It was a wonderful presentation. I am continually amazed at how much information you can get into one hour! Can't wait for next month!

Dana Campbell, Fiscal Officer, Community Action Agency of Butte County, Inc.



The presenter for our 2010 programs is Melanie Lockwood Herman, executive director of the Nonprofit Risk Management Center and a frequent speaker at conferences sponsored by various nonprofit organizations. Melanie advises nonprofits of all sizes on issues ranging from managing legal risks to effective employment practices and insurance buying strategies. She has authored and co-authored 20 books on various risk management topics during her career at the Center. Her most recent publication, "Ready…or Not: A Risk Management Guide for Nonprofit Executives" was released in Fall 2009. The Center's 2010 Webinar series provides an opportunity to interact with the Center's executive director on a wide range of compelling risk management topics. In addition to hearing Melanie's insights and recommendations on topical issues, you'll get a chance to ask Melanie your toughest questions during the Q/A session at the end of each webinar.

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